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Honest and Clear Ascension Symptoms Monitor for November 20, 2019 November 22, 2019 / in Ascension Symptoms Monitor / by Ilona Hress Your voice is a powerful expression of who you are.

Aug 22, 2019 · Twin flame mastery and Ascension mastery A four week course to learn practical tools to change your vibration and stabilise in 5d consciousness, which automatically Fast Tracks you to union with your twin flame on all planes of consciousness. Nov 11, 2019 · It does not matter how your being is adapting. Just know you are not who you were yesterday and will be more estranged from October 2019, you, tomorrow. Minute by minute, you are sloughing off the 3D cells that held you on the tightrope between 3D and 5D. Until recently, it was fairly common for you to adjust to either 3D or 5D as the need arose.
Sep 30, 2019 · the earth alliance is reporting that, over the last 72 hours, pleiadian light forces have been blasting the earth's atmosphere with massive amounts of 5d central sun gamma light! this plasma light is being sent to earth for the purpose of building huge amounts of energy around the ascension event on the surface! This process of ascension is possible because our brains are super computers and whatever the programs are that run inside of the brain are the programs that the cells and dna operate with. When we can shift our programming to the programming of the 5D world we end up creating a massive shift inside of our physical forms.

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The higher frequency (Ascension energies) energies that we are being bombarded with lately are effecting all life…the awakened, the unawakened and the animal kingdom. We are feeling these higher frequencies with physical pains, higher emotions and extreme physical exhaustion.

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5d ascension 2019

The 12 th Chakra The Stellar Gateway. The Stellar Gateway chakra is located 18 inches above the head. Its color is pure gold. When your lower chakras are ready, this mighty flower opens so that you can access divine energy.

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Jan 12, 2020 · Aligning with Love & Planetary Ascension. Giant blue orb of Archangel Michael/Ashtar’s soul vibration overlights three lightships stationed in an arc, with the Victor Five (Valiant Thor’s ship) in the centre, a Canopan ship at the left, and a Venusian ship at the right, November 9th 2019. Find out what this means, our brief passage through 4D, on our way to 5D.... The archangels have said the entire consciousness of Earth will be a fifth dimensional consciousness by the year 2015." My Ascension Journey, So Far Share your stories. Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important. If I'm Waking Up, Why Don't I Feel Better?

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Jan 02, 2019 · This goes along with yesterday's post (which had a rather . large response, it seems). I know we have heard these things before, but with all that is currently visibly going on to clear out the deep state, it appears to me that what is described here may very well be occurring.

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