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You should read "I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy! OMG it's so werid but cute I don't know how to handle this help! insane in love You should read "I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader)" on #Wattpad. #fanfiction See more

Oct 29, 2018 · Sans ready for a night out?【 Undertale Comic Dub 】 We would like to give thanks to Uketello who made this awesome comic and gave us permission to dub it. ...
Apr 25, 2016 · // A/N: Warning! This xReader contains depressing themes! Read at your own discretion.// ~~~~~ It was nearly one in the afternoon when a bleary eyed figure hauled themself into a sitting position on their bed in a dark, dreary room with the curtains of a small window tightly closed to prevent the sunlight from filtering through. Jan 29, 2016 · What Phobia do you have out of these? (Read DESC?) ... what does sans sans think of you? all in the title sans: sup it's a bit of rp :P why are you still here?

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I know I keep writing the reader as a girl, but since I am too a girl, I relate best with a girl reader. I have some chapters where the reader will be a boy, and more where the reader will have no gender, but I implore you be patient with me and don't get too upset that I keep making the reader a girl.

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Sans x phobia reader

Read Phobia from the story Sans X Child Reader by Yusuka-chan with 3,872 reads. toriel, sans, family. You slept soundly and groaned at the sound of Papyrus voi...

Nightmare story takes place in an AU where monsters never existed, but children and adults still fear that monsters might hurt them. In this AU, the monsters are dreams who live in the dream void until someone has a dream. At night they are called Nightmare Monsters. They are able to go into any dream, although most go for children and teenagers. They feed off of pain and death. //No one's POV// Y/n was sitting down on a small cliff on Mt. Ebott. Y/n would always go there to be alone and think. They had a their F/C (favorite color) backpack with them. inside there was a notebook and a pencil.
Underlust Sans(Lust): Honestly, him dating an s/o who is afraid of sex is kinda a downer for him. At first, he thought you would let him go around and have sex with anyone, but you seemed emotionally attached to him. So he crosses that one off. He then tries helping you get over your phobia, which is harder then what he thought. Oct 09, 2016 · This is a reading of Cryophobia sans x reader, this is the link too the story, I'll make more and upload more frequently I swear!

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(A/N) This is a uf!Sans x reader fanfiction taking place in the zombie apocalypse. You both get into trouble with the dead and the living. You will get your fill on fluff, angst, romance, adventure and of course, zombies and your favorite skeleton.

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