Spt n value table

The empirical relationships have also been developed in terms of field Standard Penetration Test (SPT), N value. SPT N value is widely used as it is an index for quick strength characterization due to its simplicity. In estimation of other parameters also, SPT N value is used e.g., for estimation of shear wave velocity, bearing capacity etc ...

Based on the results, a SPT-based liquefaction triggering curve was suggested that can be used in the practice. The mathematical expression of the curve makes the possibility of using SPT-N value as an alternative to the soil capacity energy, which its determination is associated with some complications and difficulties for engineers.
shown some improvement of N value at the top. However, the N values in the strata immediately below did not show significant gain mainly because the soil in this zone was predominantly cohesive where no gain in N value would be expected. The degree of improvement in the SPT values of the ground is about 25%. The reported values of effective friction angle (ϕ′), based on SPT N60 values, should be reduced by 5° for clayey sands and should be increased by 5° for gravelly sands. Engineering judgment should be used in selecting a specific value. Table 2: Relationship among relative density, SPT N value, and internal friction angle of

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Table ii : Soil layers from existing ground. Thickness (m) Unit Weight (kN/m3) Soil Type D50 (mm) OCR 3 16.5 Clay 3.8 18.7 2 17.5 Sand 1.03 1 3.5 17 Silt 0.033 1 3 19.5 Gravel 34 1 Table iii : In-situ SPT test results. Depth (m) SPT Blow Counts (N) N60 Cn C N1(60) 0.3 34 27 1.7 0.79 46 0.61 12 9 1.7 0.79 15 0.91 18 14 1.7 0.79 24 1.22 26 20 1.7 0.79 34

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Spt n value table

Use of SPT Blow Counts to Estimate Shear Strength Properties of Soils: Energy Balance Approach

C d values fall close to zero which means that the proposed equations have good performance in prediction of V s, except for small SPT-N values (SPT-N < 15). The depths of small SPT-N values (SPT-N < 15) range from 4.5 m to 28 m. Therefore, the depth may not be considered as an effective parameter on correlation.
There are basically two types of correction in SPT test 1.Overburden correction - It is necessary beacause Nvalue will have effect on it due to confinement of soil at various depth .Two granular soil possessing the same relative density but having...The number or blows required for 12 inches penetration resistance of the soil. It is generally referred as the 'N' value and measured in blows/unit penetration. The Standard penetration test ( SPT ) is widely used to get the bearing capacity of soil directly at a certain depth. The consistency of clayey soils can often be estimated from ...

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Where b and n are coefficients that depend on the degree of roughness of the joint as shown in table 3. Table 3:b and n values according to EHE-98 Average values of b= 0.3 and n = 0.7 were adopted. Type of surface Low roughness High roughness b 0.2 0.4 n 0.6 0.9 The values of Mohr-Coulomb strength parameters can also be obtained according to ...

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