Subaru rattling noise under car

Johnznot reports that his Subaru dealer told him that the “…rattle upon startup was normal (due to the boxer engine design), and that no harm is being done. It is low oil pressure caused by the car sitting for an extended period ( 8 hours or so). The noise is caused by the timing chain and tensioner.”

Coasting along the highway is difficult because when we take the foot off the accelerator to coast, the noise starts up. If we are in town driving, slow speeds, the rattling seems to stop. We rev up the engine and we can hear the rattle under the hood. We think it is in the engine.Had the car 2 days and this pops up.
Grinding/Rattling Sound Under Acceleration Driving to my wife's family's house last night ( highway speeds; roughly 60-70 mph ), my 04 STI sounded as if it blew off a vacuum hose coming off boost after passing a car.

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Get a piece of cardboard or put on your junky shirt and jeans, lay on the ground a look under your car, feel for stuff that’s loose. Open the hood and poke around. It’s good to do that once in a while anyway to check fluids, so do that while you’re in there. Basically everything on your car should feel “attached”.

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Subaru rattling noise under car

Learn more about Subaru Legacy at the Car Forums! ... Subaru Legacy/Outback Unusual Clunks and Noises ... mayb this is a subaru noise and I'm thinking it ...

Apr 17, 2017 · Car rattle drive me insane. Any car with age are going to start to have rattles eventually right? This became really apparent in my subaru. People said, it's what makes a subaru a subaru. Jokes aside, Failing hoses make hissing noises or leak fluids and most of the time this noise is barely audible above the engine hum so you have to listen closely. You may also see puddles of liquid under your car in the morning which means something is leaking.
If you have an engine rattling noise, engine knocking, or any kind of engine sound you may be alarmed. Damaged engines are one of the most costly car repairs you can encounter. Here's what you need to know and what you can do about any car damage. On the left side of my car there is a rattling noise. that occurs everyday and usually occurs in the. mornings and when the car is cold. It goes away for. awhile and then comes back. It is near my panel. where the controls are for the mirrors and the. emergency break.

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Thanks. I'm going to the local dealership since my car is under warranty, but just curious what's causing it beforehand. Hi. We just bought a subaru forester (2001) and on the way home we found this rattling noise but it happened only when we were decelerating. When we put some some acceleration on, the noise stops.

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