Substring in salesforce formula

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Hi. I've tried a few things, but I'm not getting the result that I'm hoping for. I'm trying to extract a fixed length string from a substring. Problem is that the string I'm looking for is not always in the same position in the substring.
Dec 15, 2012 · In Salesforce, FLOOR Functionality does not work the same way in Excel. In Excel you would do something like this to get the top results: =FLOOR(129,10) which equals 120 In Salesforce, within a formula field it would be: FLOOR(129) which equals 129, does not work. Do not know why, when Salesforce states the following:

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Recently released Salesforce 1, their latest mobile application. Salesforce 1 releases a number of new features that enable developers to create mobile applications. One person I spoke with recently at Dreamforce wanted to know how they could capture signatures in the mobile application.

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Substring in salesforce formula

As long as the author sticks to delegatable functions and operators and records are not unreasonably wide, PowerApps places no limit on the number of records that can be worked with. SQL Azure and Salesforce are just a start – more data sources are on the way.

Jun 09, 2011 · For example, the formula fieldIF(ISNULL(new__c) 1, 0) is always zero regardless of the value in the New field. For text fields, use the ISBLANKfunction instead. Multi-select picklist fields are never null in s-controls, buttons, and email templates, so using this function with a multi-select picklist field in those contexts always returns false.
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There are requests from my blog readers asking for Credit Card Validation logic using Apex. I did some reasearch on credit card validation and found this algorithm called Luhn Algorithm which uses a simple checksum formula to validate a variety of Credit Card Numbers.

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